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"One-stop service" had become the industry benchmark doors


    In China, home renovation is a major event, but also a troublesome thing people think. With the accelerated pace of life, consumers are used to purchase household items such as doors and very little time, the rise of a one-stop consumer demand. Some doors and windows in order to meet consumer demand, but also began to provide "one-stop service." Simply put, one-stop service that businesses have adequate supply to allow consumers to buy goods required in almost a store. It includes both front-end packaging, transportation, and other one-stop quality service reduction.

"One-stop service" has gradually become the benchmark

    With the changes in people's consumption habits, people prefer to buy household items in one place all purchased together, and consumers seeking artistic effect, the degree of color and texture are also increasing. Individual pursuit end consumer market, one-stop experience, private customized services has become common practice, the product one-stop service to solve a lot of trouble on the consumer decoration. The so-called "one-stop service" is, as long as customers demand, once into a service station, all the problems can be solved, there is no need to find a second home.


    Many well-known international brands take the lead in product integration, and achieved results look. Millet completed the overall layout of the smart home smart home market, comprehensive coverage of people's basic needs; Jingdong, Ali and other Internet O2O baby mode, online purchasing experience more to promote the development of the line product integration. Thus, the product one-stop consumer experience will be the main trend in the future.

Upgrade viscosity increase consumer shopping experience

    At present, China's door industry is becoming increasingly saturated, the company's business model is gradually shift from extensive to fine-run business, the industry trend, "polarization" of more and more obvious. With the improvement in the level of competition, brand awareness and consumer dependence increases, the industry is experiencing a brand from low to high concentration of competitive stages. In this case, more and more companies seek new outlets. With the one-stop service sought, doors and windows business development ushered in hope.

    For example, the doors and windows of the establishment of the terminal information, designed to allow consumers to enter the store will be able to buy a desired everything from product selection, matching accessories recommended to experience, feel the effect, readily available, one-stop buying experience a comprehensive solution to the decoration of various problems, the cost for consumers to save time and money and make the greatest effort required to appear in consumer shopping without having to run around to meet the problem. At the same time, but also create more profit point for dealers, integration of resources in order to service closer to customers, enhance their brand reputation.

    One-stop service, or become the future trend of home, will break the habit of thinking this stage of the consumer's purchase of a future mainstream form. Doors and windows really want to see the market demand, creating more demand for the products closer to the consumer mind.